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Fr. Harrie Hovers
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Rev. Les  Ruhrmund
Rev. Tony van Vuuren
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Steven Edwards
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A blog for those who want to digest or meditate on Sunday sermons a little longer.

Lifeteen & Genesis

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From Tim Harris: Word on Fire video
Join Fr. Robert Barron on a journey across the planet and deep into the faith. CATHOLICISM is a breakthrough documentary series presenting the full story of Christianity and the Catholic faith.

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To read about Lifeteen @ St Michael’s Rondebosch, download this pdf document: LifeteenInfo.pd

Join LifeTeen on Facebook and become friends with Robo, one of the coolest characters on Facebook!


Catholic Leadership Academy

Visit Catholic Leadership Academy to learn about an exciting new project in the field of Catholic youth leadership development.
The project was initiated by St Michael’s Parishioners and is endorsed and supported by Archbishop Stephen Brislin. 

On 20 Years Of Democracy
The People Of God And All People Of Good Will

Genesis Tiny Tots, Tots & KIds

All Sunday School Children's Parents - please come and sign your children up for Genesis Kids 2015.

Genesis Kids will begin for 2015 on Sunday 25 January during the 9am mass. Please come and chat to us if you haven't registered your kiddies. All are welcome!

Genesis Tots will begin on Wednesday 28 January from 2:30-4pm in the Kelly room..

Genesis Tots playingGenesis Tiny Tots  0-2 Year Olds

A very relaxed opportunity to connect with fellow parents while the babes interact in a home environment.

Who:  Moms/dads/grannies/grandpas and their babes

When:Every second Tuesday morning 9:30-11:30am

Where:At the homes of attending moms who have the facilities to host the group

Genesis Tots  2-4 Year Olds

Informal activities for the children (arts, crafts,  singing, Bible storytelling, outdoor play), tea and an opportunity for the adults to connect.

Who: Moms/dads/grandparents/au pairs and their young children

When:Every Wednesday afternoon 2:30-4:00pm

Where:The Kelly Room, St Michael’s Parish Centre

Genesis Kids (Sunday School)

2-4 Year Olds And 4-7 Year Olds

Singing and an age appropriate lesson based on that Sunday’s Gospel reading.

Who:2-4 year olds in the Gill Room AND

        4-7 year olds in the Kelly Room at St Michael’s Parish Centre

When:Every Sunday from 8:50-9:30 am during the 9:00 mass

(The children return to mass at the time of the Offertory)

Join us! Let’s get our children together and develop life long friendships.

For more information please contact Kim and Paula on

 Genesis Tots