Parish Priest: 
Fr. Harrie Hovers
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Parish Deacons:
Rev. Les  Ruhrmund
Rev. Tony van Vuuren
Youth Ministry Co-ordinator:
Steven Edwards
076 189 3524


of Deacons Les & TonyHomilies

A blog for those who want to digest or meditate on Sunday sermons a little longer.

Lifeteen & Genesis

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From Tim Harris: Word on Fire video
Join Fr. Robert Barron on a journey across the planet and deep into the faith. CATHOLICISM is a breakthrough documentary series presenting the full story of Christianity and the Catholic faith.

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To read about Lifeteen @ St Michael’s Rondebosch, download this pdf document: LifeteenInfo.pd

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Catholic Leadership Academy

Visit Catholic Leadership Academy to learn about an exciting new project in the field of Catholic youth leadership development.
The project was initiated by St Michael’s Parishioners and is endorsed and supported by Archbishop Stephen Brislin. 

On 20 Years Of Democracy
The People Of God And All People Of Good Will